Fresh Cut Evergreens and Flowers from the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a region well known for its natural beauty, diverse climate and fertile soils, making it an ideal place to grow a spectacular array of trees, plants and flowers. Our family business shares a proud heritage in providing the wholesale floral industry with products that we grow, harvest and ship from this area. Our products include Spring blossoms, Cytisus & Viburnum Snowball, Decorative Branches, select varieties of Lilacs and Peonies, Cut Foliages, Holly and a full line of native Northwest evergreens. For the Fall holiday and Christmas season, we provide traditional boughs of fir, cedar, pine and juniper, along with an excellent selection of the finest wreaths, garlands, swags and consumer bunches. Our goal is to provide wholesale customers with premium quality products, excellent service and honest value. We update our site frequently and showcase our seasonal items here, so be sure to
check back often.

In order to best serve our wholesale customers with a premium product and a fair price, we sell only to wholesale companies- if you are a retailer, please ask your local wholesaler about our products. We do not sell to private parties.

Ger. Boxwood

Available now - German Boxwood,

Coming Soon - Camellia,

Please check out our Item Availability Calendar, it has a listing of the crops that we grow and when they are typically available during the year.

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